Volunteers and paradise-seekers alike favor the natural playground that is New Zealand. With everything from extreme mountains to coastal farmlands, volunteers here are in love with the landscape of this amazing island country.

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Most of New Zealand’s population is of European descent, while the indigenous M?ori are the largest minority group. New Zealanders describe their culture as relaxed and casual, but with a passion for social welfare. They depend on good weather for their exports, and because most of the country lies near the coast, plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and moderate rainfall are usually in the forecast.

As a volunteer in New Zealand, you will be hosted by ACVE, ICYE’s New Zealander partner organization. Each year ACVE welcomes 50 volunteers from around the world to share their skills and experience life in New Zealand.


Farm Work Volunteers may work on cow, horse, or sheep farms. Volunteers live with the family on the farm – a great opportunity to experience a very different lifestyle. Daily tasks may include feeding and moving animals, milking cows, driving a tractor or a motorbike, and other outdoor activities. Prepare to get dirty!
Social Work Volunteers can work with the mentally-handicapped, the elderly, disabled children, or disabled adults. Duties at these projects range from laundry to kitchen work, housework, caregiving, providing companionship for the residents, and helping out wherever needed.
Environment Volunteers are part of teams that restore, replant, and maintain the local environment. Volunteers will also help to educate surrounding communities about the environmental situation in which they are living. Some environmental projects will involve working with the native animals of New Zealand.

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