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The Borderlands semester provides an opportunity to discover the issues and complexities facing communities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Discover the role that climate change plays in current and future decision-making and the degree to which political boundaries impact the lives of people and communities on both sides of the border.

Questions We'll Explore:

- How are desert communities preparing for current and future challenges of climate change?

- What are specific adaptive strategies for addressing the necessity for food and water in a desert environment?

- How do international borders affect the migration patterns of migrant workers, and to what extent do they inhibit the freedom of movement of these communities?

- What are the considerations in creating immigration policy? In what ways do these policies affect people on both sides of the border?

Program Highlights:

Learn more about climate resilience by engaging with a non-profit committed to protecting and restoring watersheds, propagating endemic plant species, and reconnecting people with their environment.

Hike through the desert and mountains of southern Arizona. We’ll spend days hiking on the trails, and take our rest in the evenings, basking in the epic starry skies that grace the desert nights.

Partner with a permaculture site that has been an inspiration to the local community. Work on adobe structures, learn some basics of permaculture design, and the importance of regenerative systems.

Discuss immigration-related topics with local community members. Topics include the border wall, policy enforcement, human trafficking, and more. We'll spend time with a local non-profit based in Tucson where we will have the opportunity to learn more about how to be an advocate for social justice and change.

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