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Volunteering is one of four critical factors on a college application. 

Every year colleges see higher GPAs and a greater number of perfect ACT and SAT scores.  Serving your community shows colleges the impact you can make with what you learn. 


Get College-Ready!  



Showcase your total hours by cause.

Highlight top organizations served by total hours. 

Track and verify hours across schools and clubs to qualify for the President's Volunteer Service Award.

Receive strength and skill endorsements from nonprofits served.

Send your validated volunteer transcript and portfolio with your college app.

Showcase your impact on internship, scholarship, and job applications. 

Highlight your community service impact and what you learned.



Find volunteer opportunities by location and cause.

Volunteer projects that match your academic goals like STEM, health, animals, the environment

Find one-day projects, volunteer internships, virtual volunteer projects, donation drives, even volunteer abroad opportunities.

Request projects, receive sign-up instructions.

Get project alerts from organizations that interest you.

Track volunteer projects in one FREE app. 

Invite friends, classmates, club members, or sorority or fraternity members to join you by email, text, or social media, to VolunteerCrowd.

With VolunteerCrowd middle school, high school, and college students can discover, request, and track volunteer opportunities – FREE. With millions of organizations, students can find meaningful opportunities ranging from volunteering a few hours at a food bank to a summer-long internship at a science center.  

Group subscription discounts for families, clubs, college consultants, and classrooms. 

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Participant Reviews

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