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Serve - Lead - Learn! Start a generationOn Service Club with the support of Boston Cares!

GenerationOn Service Clubs provide an opportunity for new or existing groups to access targeted programming materials for developing and engaging in service projects in their local area. Clubs can join through GenerationOn.org for a variety of resources for both planning and funding, and can access local support resources through the Boston Cares Club Hub model, which provides regular newsletters, service projects and opportunities to collaborate and share best practices across the region. Service Clubs are a great way for school groups, youth groups and scout troops to develop their service programming in partnership with Boston Cares. GenerationOn Service Clubs are a great way to have fun, get involved in your community and make your mark on the world!

GenerationOn Service Clubs are led by middle and high school youth with support from an adult advisor. You can start a club with friends, at home, at your school, at community or faith-based organizations, or anywhere that suits your needs! Clubs provide members with the opportunity to build life and leadership skills and to implement meaningful hands-on service projects, locally, nationally and globally.

This is all free, flexible, easily accessible, and proven to be successful!

You might want to create a generationOn Service Club if…

  • You’ve been searching for group volunteering projects for youth and just can’t seem to find them anywhere
  • You are a teen looking to involve your friends, group, etc. in structured service- You lead an existing group of teens that meets regularly and you’d like to involve them in community service
  • You know a group of individual teens who would benefit from participating in regular volunteer opportunities and want to bring them together to serve
  • Your youth group already participates regularly in community service, but you could use some extra resources and ideas for service projects

Membership gains you access to...

  • LOTS of great project ideas and background information on issues!
  • Helpful tips on getting started and going strong in our Club Handbook and Toolkit
  • A monthly e-newsletter with exclusive information and contentEligibility to apply for mini-grants and prizes through generationOn Clubs Contests
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with other generationOn Clubs and generationOn Kids Care Clubs
  • The ability to track your club's service activity over time and to share your success stories online
  • Eligibility for recognition and awards, such as Club of the MonthAccess to local volunteer opportunities through our HandsOn Network
  • Highlighted projects for special moments of service and emergency alerts when disasters strikeAccess to generationOn technical assistance and support

Boston Cares will support you every step along the way in creating a Service Club to get your 13-17 year old(s) involved in service! If you are looking to engage younger youth in service see our Kids Care Clubs.

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