At the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering innovation starts with our very existence. Our rare combination of undergraduate programs— intelligent systems engineering, informatics, and computer science—makes our school one of the largest, broadest, and most accomplished of its kind.

Intelligent systems engineering at Indiana University is the future of engineering and technology.

In ISE, you create and build systems that sense and react to their environments. ISE uses artificial intelligence and computing to gather, interpret, and use data for everything from smart devices to biosensors.

Our program focuses on the small-scale and networked technology that’s transforming the tech world and changing people’s lives every day—from the tiny sensors that make our devices, homes, and vehicles “smart” to the massive systems that analyze the flood of data.

Every student takes courses in artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, machine learning, and modeling and simulation.

You’ll also design, simulate, and build systems. And you’ll learn to do so in a way that considers how people interact with systems so you can make them as useful as possible.

In our undergraduate program, you can focus on:

• Bioengineering • Computer engineering • Cyber-physical systems • Nanoengineering

Our program also builds on the breadth of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, while capitalizing on Indiana University’s strengths in physical sciences and liberal arts. In addition to technical know-how, you develop soft skills, such as communication and teamwork that employers want—all in an environment that nourishes creativity and new ideas. This combination makes you multidimensional, versatile, and marketable, and prepares you to excel in a variety of fields.

With a degree in Intelligent Systems Engineering, you’ll be ready to tackle important problems in a way that only the latest technology can. Your ISE education will help you make the impact you want, now and throughout your career.

You get all of this at a top research university in a future-focused program supported by the faculty, resources, and reputation of a Big Ten University. Plus, we’re located in Bloomington, Indiana, a small, safe city with a personality and culture many times its size. Our large, tree-filled campus is regularly recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful.

The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering also offers bachelor’s degrees in:

• Computer science, which is designed for students looking for in-depth training in computer systems, including specializations in intelligent systems, data and search, systems, programming languages, and foundations of computer science • Informatics, which is built for students whose primary interest is in exploring how technology can be used to fuel discoveries and innovations in another discipline, such as science, business, or fine arts • The school also offers eight master’s degrees, four Ph.D. programs, and a multitude of dual degrees, specializations, and certificates.

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Participant Reviews

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