Cerro Coso Community College

Ridgecrest, CA


Cerro Coso Community College is one of three colleges in the Kern Community College District. The College is charged with the responsibility of providing educational opportunities for the widely separated desert, mountain, and valley communities within a sweeping 18,000-mile, four-county region of eastern California.

 In the Arts, we offer Associates degrees in Art History and Studio Art which are fully transferable to CSU. 

Students focusing on Art History will learn:

To analyze and interpret the formal, technical, and expressive aspects of a work of art, whether as a historian, viewer, or creator.

To discuss works of art representative of diverse cultures and regions within a historical and social context.

To apply art historical terminology and methodology in analyzing and interpreting works of art.

To demonstrate familiarity with a variety of art production processes.

Students focusing on Studio Arts will learn:

To demonstrate knowledge of the arts through associated terminology, historical practices and contemporary developments.

To identify the formal, technical and expressive aspects in visual artworks, using critical skills to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate such works.

To demonstrate proficiency in basic foundation level art techniques and practices.

To use a wide range of materials and means of expression to communicate visual ideas, including traditional or digital studio practices.

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Participant Reviews

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