Wake Forest University’s Online Immersion Program offers flexible, online courses in Medicine, Sports Medicine, Business, and Psychology for high school students. You’ll hear from Wake Forest University or Wake Forest School of Medicine professors, be mentored by a WFU student, and earn a Certificate of Completion. 

Business Course: "Subscribe, Innovate, Disrupt: An Insider's Guide to Business"

Want to learn what makes innovation and entrepreneurship happen? Interested in today’s game-changing companies such as Netflix and Apple? Wondering what college majors prepare you for our agile, fast-moving and entrepreneurial business environment? This course is for you.

Hear from award-winning Wake Forest Professor and former CEO Dr. Dan Fogel via video.

Medicine Course: "Making the Rounds: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Doctor"

Thinking about going to med-school, but want a real-world taste of what it’s like? Want an introduction to both the science and practice of medicine in a modern hospital? Interested in healthcare careers, but not sure which path is best for you? Take this course, and experience the life-cycle of a heart attack patient and how a treatment team works.

You’ll hear from Wake Forest School of Medicine faculty Dr. Lindsay Strowd and Dr. Roy Strowd — two of our most popular professors.

Psychology Course: "The Mystery & Science of Human Behavior: An Insider’s Guide to Psychology"

Wonder how your brain processes information? Want to study what triggers your emotions? Need to improve the way you think?  Don’t miss this course which takes you behind the scenes of the human brain.

You’ll hear from two leaders in Psychology at Wake Forest via pre-recorded video. Dr. Christian Waugh is a specialist in cognitive neuroscience, and Dr. Melissa Maffeo is a specialist in neuroscience and adolescent addiction.

Sport Medicine Course: "An Inside Look at the Major Injuries & Treatments"

Why is the NFL so strict with its concussion protocol? What’s the science behind the faster recovery rates athletes now experience with ACL tears? How serious is a shoulder dislocation? Get an in-depth look at common sports injuries, the treatments received by major sports stars and careers in the field. If you’re interested in sports or medicine, this course is for you.

You’ll be taught by Dr. Brian Waterman, who has worked with teams such as the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Fire.

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