Vista Academy is a JCAHO accredited, dual-diagnosis residential treatment center designed specifically for 14 to 17 year old males. Our holistic approach to treating addiction and co-occuring disorders fosters long-term sobriety for adolescents. 

Vista Academy is the joint vision of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, bringing over 100 years of experience in adolescent treatment and, Sober College, the leader in addiction treatment.

Our treatment curriculum promotes and developed five primary core competencies - Sobriety, Life Skills, Physical Fitness, Academics, and Emotional Intelligence – that together empower teens to take control of their lives.

Vista Academy has options for adolescents at all stages of sobriety. Together with the family and the clients, our treatment team outlines an individualized treatment program for each young persona based on their personal mental, physical, and spiritual needs.

Each student’s personalized treatment team consists of a therapist, an academic coach, a psychiatrist, and neuropsychologist. The treatment team meets on a weekly basis to discuss each client’s progress throughout their time at Vista Academy to ensure that they are receiving the most up-to-date and individualized care needed throughout their stay. Together the treatment team helps each client achieve in the five core competencies both individually, and as part of the Vista Academy community as a whole.

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Participant Reviews

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