Wall Street Walks programs teach students how the stock market works, what the role is of all the related financial institutions and how they all come together. Virtual Fall Classes are for students age 13 to18. Courses range from single classes, one off special interest classes, 5 week and 10 week programs.

Track 1 "Wall Street 101"

Focus: How Does Wall Street work?

In this class, students will learn about every facet of Wall Street, such as:

  • Who are the big players?
  • How do the big players work with and against each other?
  • How do you invest?
  • What is financial literacy?

Track 2 "Budgeting and Beyond"

Focus: Personal Finance/Financial Literacy

The next level of classes will teach students:

  • Why should you save money?
  • What is the difference between interest and compound interest?
  • What is the difference between credit and debit cards?
  • How can you meet personal financial goals?
  • Why is it important to give to charity?

Track 3 "Investing"

Focus: Investing!

In this final track of classes, students will learn:

  • What are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment tools?
  • How to read and analyze stock charts
  • How do you pick stocks and trade in real-time?
  • What role do banks, interest rates, and money have in the economy?

One-off classes covers Bitcoin and Blockchain, Anti-Money Laundering, the Woman of Wall Street and much of current and historic Wall Street.

Classes are presented live and also recorded for students who cannot attend live.

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