The mission of the not for profit Mountain Valley Treatment Center is to provide evidence based treatment for anxiety, OCD and related disorders through a comprehensive and collaborative therapeutic milieu within a structured environment.

Mountain Valley stands apart from like providers because of its specialization, its unique setting, and its comprehensive approach to care.

Anxiety is a normal part of adolescent development, and every individual will experience some episodes of stress, fear, and anxiety. Although a typical phase is usually temporary and harmless, individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder experience a range of disabling emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms to an extent that interferes with nearly all aspects of home and school life.

Mountain Valley treats male and female individuals between the ages of 13 to 20, with moderate to severe anxiety, as determined by:

The intensity and frequency of their emotional and behavioral symptoms

The degree to which their academic and social life is impaired or underdeveloped

Whether residents suffer from new and emerging symptoms of anxiety, or have ongoing struggles with anxiety,

previous efforts to address the issue in less restrictive and local treatment settings will often have been inadequate.

In many cases, the symptoms of anxiety will be experienced concurrently with other emotional or behavioral challenges.

The most frequently occurring examples include:

Periods of sadness and episodes of depression

Social avoidance and school refusal

Sleep disturbances

Frustration intolerance

Parental conflict

Unhealthy degrees of perfectionism

Low self esteem and confidence.

While some of these are addressed directly in individual therapy and family therapy, it is common that when the anxiety is better managed, many of these other issues show improvement.

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Participant Reviews

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