A special 6-week program to complete an original project with guidance from educators at Stanford, MIT, Duke, and University of Pennsylvania while boosting your college acceptance chances through college coaching, mentorship, & access to an unmatched community of students.

The Emerging Leader Program provides a bridge between your academic achievements and real-world experience. We’re using our years of admissions expertise and strategic alliances to accelerate your success.

How Does the Emerging Leader Program Help With College Admissions and Your Admissions X-Factor?

Colleges don’t want well-rounded students, they want a well-rounded class! As a college applicant, you have your:

  • Metrics (GPA and scores)
  • Attributes (personal characteristics)
  • Experiences (leadership and service)

Each aspect of you helps to paint a picture of your unique strengths and talents, ultimately persuading admissions officers to admit you.

But this year, you may not have some of those metrics available. Maybe your standardized tests were canceled. Perhaps you didn’t perform your best due to the adjustments you were forced to make during online learning. Or everyone’s grades got inflated and now you’re just one of many “A” students.

Whatever the reason, most applicants will face a challenge when it comes to metrics representation this year. This means your attributes and experiences will take center stage!

But you can’t be all things to all people and hope that you’ll make a positive impression!

You’ll have to make some difficult, yet critical, choices about where you should apply your focused time and efforts in order to create your college acceptance X-Factor! This “X-Factor” is what helps you to stand out above other applicants in highly-selective college admissions.

Your college acceptance X-Factor is a combination of your:

  • eXpertise
    • A special or noteworthy talent or quality; for example, your problem-solving abilities, your desire to help others, your incredible knowledge in one topic and a demonstrated record of that expertise
  • eXperience
    • For example, a hurdle you overcame or an opportunity you took advantage of
  • eXponentialism
    • Your ability to impact your peers, organizations, and communities in a meaningful and significant way such that many people benefit from your experience and expertise


There are many ways to create the X-Factor and it can look very different for every person. It’s important to take into consideration your specific interests, talents, and strengths when deciding where to apply yourself and how to invest your time during this pivotal year.

Tracks to Create Your X-Factor 

Since the X-Factor looks different for every person, we created several tracks to help you refine and supercharge your impact through our Emerging Leader Program. During one-to-one mentorship and group sessions, you will create a special project that is uniquely yours.

We have the following tracks available for fall:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Engineering with Stanford and MIT mentors
  • Public Health project with Duke University mentors
  • Social Science research with University of Pennsylvania mentor
  • Scientific and Medical research with medical doctor mentors


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until October 15th. The application fee is $100. 

The cost of the program is $2,997.

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