College Scoops is a comprehensive platform highlighting the inside scoops on college life and everything college-related —where to eat, stay, and explore when visiting or living on a college campus. We offer a host of free content for prospective students (student Q&A videos, podcasts, blog posts, and guides) plus our interactive eBooks.

Know Before You (Virtually) Go

College Scoops was founded out of a passion to help parents and their students find the best college fit. We provide topical research and authentic curated content from the student's perspective. During COVID-19, College Scoops continues to innovate ways we can bring our valuable content to you directly whether you are on the road or in your home.

Explore our college guides, blog posts, podcasts, videos, and interactive eBooks, as they provide the inside scoops from our student and parent ambassador community. The art of finding the “right fit” is pinpointing where the student will thrive socially, mentally, and academically. This is a place they will live, learn, and grow for the next 4 years. This is a place they will call home.

Our resources share student and parent testimonials and answers to the questions - What do you wish you knew at freshman orientation?, What advice do you have for high school students? What is the social scene like? Should I take a Gap Year? and other pressing questions prospective students want answers to before applying to college.

Check out our list of helpful content on our website:

College Guides: Unique curated guides designed to supplement the standard material provided by colleges.

Podcasts: Topical comprehensive discussions with respected professionals involved in the college experience and students sharing their advice and lessons learned.

Videos: Produced by our student ambassadors covering what they “wish they knew” about applying, attending, or graduating from college.

Interactive eBooks: Affordable premium content to help parents and students successfully plan and navigate a fun-filled and productive college visit whether it is in-person or virtually.

Blogs & Newsletters: Valuable timely information from experts in the field.

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Participant Reviews

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