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Why Every Teen Should Consider Working at Starbucks

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Why Every Teen Should Consider Working at Starbucks

I remember about ten years ago, everyone in my small town of Melrose, MA was ecstatic that Starbucks would be opening right in the middle of our Main Street. After all, Starbucks had a reputation of being this progressive west coast coffee company that sought out the best little suburban towns—hidden gems—where their business would expand and grow along with the town's cache.

Starbucks Pays for College

These days, you can hardly visit a town without spotting a Starbucks. That's because the company is truly "doing it right." They want their customers to be just as happy as their employees. And now, they are offering to pay for their staff’s college—online.

Many other large retailers and big corporations have some type of college tuition reimbursement plan, however, are they offering this much? That I can't tell you. But what I can tell you, is that the company continues to be progressive with its benefits.

Tuition Reimbursement

As reported in yesterday's Time—the company is now offering its employees the opportunity to be part of a new tuition reimbursement program that will pay up to $6,500 a year towards an online degree at Arizona State University.

With the typical cost of ASU's online degrees averaging $10,000 per year, that's a significant savings in college tuition costs. The reimbursement plan is also currently offered at The University of Seattle (right down the street from Starbucks headquarters) and Slayer University, which enrolls about 38,000 students through its online learning programs.

It's a win win for all involved. ASU expands its online degree program, Starbucks gains educated, appreciative employees, and everyone makes money.

Brew by Day, College by Night

Although the article outlines more details of the program, I will enjoy ordering my Iced Caramel Macchiato on Main Street even more. Here is a company that is truly paving the way to help teens, and adults alike, not only pay for college, but to look at college differently. Why not brew by day and get a college degree online by night, or vice versa?

Taking courses online—and even enrolling in MOOCs, as we recently covered in a blog post—are significant ways to alleviate the mounting cost of college. Matter of fact, Education Week stated that a total of 6.7 million college students—almost one-third of the students in higher education—have enrolled in at least one online course in the past year.

Starbucks seems like a pretty good place to work. So, hurry teens—especially all those I know in Melrose—go apply!

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