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Posted April 18, 2014, 11 a.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
My Experience As a TeenLife High School Summer Intern

Over the summer of my junior year of high school I spent four weeks as a Marketing Intern at TeenLife Media. As I am (soon-to-be was) a high school student, it was a rare opportunity to experience working in an office 9 to 5 and assuming group work outside of what I do in school. As a future business student, I found it fascinating to observe how the company functioned and how I was able to contribute to a start-up creating a real, substantial product for parents and teens. Working in the office alongside the TeenLife team was like living ...

Posted April 9, 2014, 2:55 p.m. by Jill Suskind | View Comments
Money Management Strategies for Teens

Let’s take the “haphazard” out of our teens’ money management habits. Many of us learned our money habits piecemeal, rather than as a whole system with all parts working together. As a teenager, when the occasion arose to contribute to charity, I sometimes donated some of my own money. When I wanted to save for something expensive, I would put all my money toward that thing until I bought it. When I needed to buy something and I had enough money, I bought it. Money management for me was completely based on my emotions. Does that sound familiar? The problem ...

Posted April 3, 2014, 1:44 p.m. by Customer Service | View Comments
Our Student Debt Doesn't Make Us Lazy

Baby boomers (my parents) often refer to my generation as lazy, entitled, and under accomplished, especially in the context of holding a job throughout high school and college. Millennials, after all, have grown up with computers, the Internet, and a booming technology industry; work is naturally easier and faster to do with little effort. I agree that my generation is used to achieving results fast, without using much brainpower. But I disagree that college students who take out loans instead of working throughout college are simply “entitled.” Working Your Way Through College A recent article in The Atlantic summed up ...

Posted April 2, 2014, 12:57 p.m. by Customer Service | View Comments
The Pros and Cons of College Loans

Growing up in an upper-middle class town outside of Boston, the price of college was not a prominent issue when I was applying to schools six years ago. Although my parents were strapped for money, and unable to afford college for my older sister, twin brother, and I (all at the same time), they never led me to believe that my college search should be hindered by our family’s finances. My parents wanted me to get the best education possible, at the college of my dreams. When I was accepted early decision to my first choice school, a top-ranked private ...

Posted April 1, 2014, 4:46 p.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
21st Century Skills for the 21st Century Workplace

Today’s teens will spend at least 16 years and almost 20,000 hours in classrooms before heading out into the real world. So, how can a parent be sure that this lengthy journey provides their teens with the necessary tools needed to succeed? The question is fair, and deserves serious consideration. Education alone probably isn’t the answer. But the addition of summer jobs, community service work, educational programs, and even internships can help fill in the gaps. Each of these experiences will teach teens the vital 21st Century skills necessary to prepare and succeed in work. So, what are these skills? ...

Posted March 31, 2014, 4:37 p.m. by Jill Suskind | View Comments
A New Allowance System for Financial Literacy

Parents are our teens’ primary financial educator. Yet, we do relatively little to support parents in this area. We don’t even have a contemporary collective agreement on what great parenting in this area looks like. One thing we DO know is that the way WE were taught about money does not work anymore. We can just look at society today and see that we are financially illiterate, as a whole. If we really want to create a generation that is prepared to meet the financial reality of adulthood with confidence and competence, let’s start with the most obvious point: Our ...

Posted March 26, 2014, 10:51 a.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
Choosing the Right Career

When it comes to choosing a path, it's very common for teens to feel somewhat paralyzed by the idea of figuring out what type of job to pursue, let alone making decisions about a college major or career. A good first step is to take a deep breath and relax. You don't need to decide immediately what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. The main thing is to start taking some small steps to figure out what you think you might like to do or what job you might be best suited for. What's the ...

Posted March 26, 2014, 10:44 a.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
Making the Perfect Resume

While no employer will expect a teenager to have an amazing amount of experience, don’t underestimate the importance of having an effective resume. Once you have a sense of what you might want to do for a job, it’s time to start focusing on some practical matters. Your resume is a first impression. A quick glance at a resume will make an immediate impression on an employer. It can tell a potential employer whether or not you: Take pride in producing good-looking work Pay attention to detail Are proficient in the latest software technology Typos, spelling errors, and formatting inconsistencies ...

Posted March 26, 2014, 10:09 a.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
3 Tips for Writing am Effective Cover Letter

Eventually, every professional needs to know how to write effective cover letters. A great cover letter shows maturity and writing ability. Cover letters must be written well and show sincere interest and understanding of the company and what it needs in a potential candidate. 3 Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter 1.Don’t take the lazy way out. Teens tend to use the same cover letter repeatedly—or tweak it slightly—whether or not the content remains applicable to each job under consideration. They write one cover letter that can be used for any job that they might possibly consider. Inevitably, this ...

Posted March 25, 2014, 4:52 p.m. by TeenLife Blogger | View Comments
How to Make Your Job a Success

Once you have obtained your job or internship, you need to take steps to ensure that it’s a success. Most importantly, remember that it’s perfectly okay if you don’t love your job...but you absolutely must do the job to the best of your ability. Benefits of doing your job well When you perform well, there is much more to be gained than the satisfaction of a job well done. Consider the following: Today’s manager is tomorrow’s reference. When you are applying for jobs in the future, employers often ask to check references by talking to your previous supervisor. It’s a ...

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