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Posted May 22, 2019, 11:53 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Fashion Merchandising Claire Cisco

Claire Cisco studied fashion merchandising at Wayne State University. How did you discover your passion for fashion merchandising? I have always loved fashion and styling; however, I knew I did not want to be a fashion designer, so it was tricky to figure out what I could do in fashion. When I was looking into colleges, I saw fashion merchandising as an option at Wayne State, and I knew that was meant for me. I am a very creative person, but I also enjoy analytics, analyzing data, and the "why" behind something to connect the dots and create a story. ...

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Industrial Design Mariah Zambuto

Mariah Zambuto studied industrial design at Columbus College of Art & Design. How did you discover your passion for design? Mariah Zambuto loves a good challenge. When she was 16, Zambuto went on a month-long volunteer trip to Ghana. She and other teens helped construct a women’s empowerment center and also taught fourth-grade students. “It completely changed my view. When I came back, I thought, ‘I have to do something with my art that’s going to dosomething.’ Not just, like, hang and make a statement, but create change in action,” Zambuto said. The Omaha, Nebraska, native went through the academically ...

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Film and Media Arts Mohit Kulkarni

Mohit Kulkarni is studying filmmaking and media arts at Cleavland State University. How did you discover your passion for filmmaking? When I was young, my dad got me a phone with a camera for an educational trip to Shimla and Himachal Pradesh in India. I was 13 at the time and I loved taking pictures of random things like cows on the street, Indian markets and people waiting for the bus. The pictures were not great, but I started taking a lot of them and I moved to recording things and people. I always wanted to talk to new people ...

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Theatre Gabriel Burdette

Gabriel Burdette studied theatre at the University Wisconsin – La Crosse. How did you discover your passion for theatre? As a kid my brother and I loved music and we loved to make home movies (which we directed, cast, and performed in). When we discovered that we could combine music and storytelling through musical theatre we jumped at the opportunity. Musical theatre was a way for my brother and I to bond (and get out of the house). What’s your favorite part about performing? My favorite part about performing is Storytelling. Easily. What’s the hardest part for you about performing? ...

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Theatre Dominique Francheschi

Dominique Francheschi studied theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. How did you discover your passion for theatre? I was always involved in the performance extracurricular activities growing up, but it wasn’t until senior year in high school that I was 100% sure. My school had double booked our theater for the regular senior musical dates, and the only dates available conflicted with the IB exams, so the teachers who were usually in charge of the production were busy prepping the AP projects. I was essentially told, “If you want to put on the show, you’re going to have ...

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Theatre Rickey Orr

Rickey Orr is studying theatre at the University of Southern California's School of Dramatic Arts. How did you discover your passion for theatre? My mom is a theatre professor at Illinois State University. From a young age, I sat in on her classes and attended their mainstage productions. This sparked my interest and when I had my first opportunity to be in a show, The Wiz in fourth grade, I took it and fell in love with the art form. What’s your favorite part about performing? My favorite part about performing is when the final actor, the audience, arrives. Their ...

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Acting Ian Duff

Ian Duff spent time studying acting at Neighborhood Playhouse. How did you discover your passion for acting? The reason I became an actor is because there are a plethora of things that I need to say, and I simply do not have the words to say it. For as long as I can remember I have always been a person of extreme emotion and empathy, always trying to understand and identify with the motivations of someone else's actions. My first "aha" moment happened while watching the film Antoine Fisher. That movie impacted me on a level I had not anticipated. ...

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Fine Art Jillian Ballas

Jillian Ballas is studying a range of fine art mediums at Norwich University Arts. How did you discover your passion for Fine Art? Fine Art was an instinctive choice for me, ever since I was little my parents have fostered creativity and so I just found myself time and time again finding opportunities to create. It felt so incredibly natural that I pursued it and eventually felt that I wanted this as a career and not just as a hobby. Why did you choose to study to NUA? Is it how you expected? I chose to study at Norwich University ...

Posted Jan. 29, 2019, 1:50 p.m. by Andrew Belasco | View Comments
Colleges for the “B” Student

Listening to the mainstream media, one might conclude that getting into college has never been a more competitive or harrowing venture. With the exception of a scattering of hyper-selective prestigious schools across the country, this notion could not be further from reality. In truth, today’s college marketplace greatly favors you, the buyer, more than ever before. For proof, let’s examine some basic stats. In 2012, 63% of high school graduates in the United States enrolled in 4-year undergraduate institutions; 75% from that pool report that they were accepted to their first choice college. You don’t have to be Fibonacci to ...

Posted Jan. 14, 2019, 8 a.m. by Suzanne Shaffer | View Comments
Portrait of sad teenage boy reading message on his phone.

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens wasn’t talking about college admissions, but it certainly applies. By late December, the Early Decision answers have come in. If you were blessed, your student will be on cloud nine being accepted to their first-choice college. If you are like many parents and students, the lack of an admissions offer will be devastating. A friend of mine experienced the bad news last year right before Christmas. It rocked her world because her son was a legacy and had impeccable test scores and grades. But it was ...

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