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New Years Resolution: Friend or Foe?

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New Years Resolution: Friend or Foe?

'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions.

The holidays are in full swing, and the New Year is less than one month away. Thanksgiving feasts are over, and Christmas presents are being wrapped. December is synonymous with joy and happiness− so why is January filled with regret and longing? New Years Eve is a night of fun, friends and indulgence. Then there is a sudden switch into January, which seems to be all about discipline. New Year's resolutions are extremely popular, as the New Year provides a chance for a “new you.” This vision of change inspires people, as they can picture themselves improving physically or mentally. According to www.USA.gov, the most popular resolutions are:

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Keeping Your Resolutions

The key to actually keeping to your New Year's resolution may be to just pick one. One change in your life, no matter how big or small, takes dedication and self-discipline. Eating right sounds easy, but that will probably change when you find yourself at a birthday party with French onion dip, pizza and chocolate cake. Imagine battling those amazing foods while also trying to reduce stress. It is almost an oxymoron to combine those two resolutions, as dieting causes stress for many. It is also helpful to visualize your goals. Put your resolution(s) in writing, and keep a journal on your progress. Often times, if you have to dictate every move towards your goal, it is harder to make up excuses. Resolution-setters who also share their goals with their friends have a higher chance at succeeding than those who keep their aspirations under wrap. Most importantly, don’t forget to reward yourself for any improvements towards your resolution. If you lose 10 pounds out of your total goal of 20 pounds, eat a cupcake to celebrate! Moving in any direction towards your goal is a huge achievement. Reminding yourself that you are a success and that you are capable is extremely empowering, and will help you fuel your way towards the finish line (Forbes, 5 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolution Stick).

Do You Even Need A Resolution?

Does the start of a new year automatically call for the start of a “new you”? Each year, it is just as trendy to break your New Years resolution, as it is to start one. 80% of people fail when they make a New Years Resolution− so why would you set yourself up for failure (Times, 5 Ways to Make Your New Years Resolution Stick)? New Years should be equated with the rest of the winter holidays. It should be about happiness, joy, family, friends and love. Instead, we feel the need to do better every year−to make New Years resolutions, and pressure ourselves to improve our lives dramatically. At the beginning of the New Year, we focus on all of our flaws rather than all we’ve accomplished the last 365 days. Is this stress and self-criticism really worth it? Instead of always striving for big, dramatic goals that are out of our reach, let’s make small steps every day towards bettering ourselves. This should be an All-Year-Around Resolution, instead of one you make on December 31st.

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