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Author: Barbara Davidson

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Barbara Davidson oversees the PreCollege, Public Education, and Young Artist programs at San Francisco Art Institute. Founded in 1871, SFAI boasts an illustrious list of faculty and alumni in all areas of focus. Most importantly, SFAI has consistently held fast to a core philosophy of fostering creativity and critical thinking in an open, experimental, and interdisciplinary environment. SFAI educates artists who will become the creative leaders of their generation.

Posted March 2, 2015, 10 a.m. by Barbara Davidson | View Comments
SFAI summer art program

It’s definitely not an ordinary path, but experiencing a summer completely immersed in art practice could be the path to the extraordinary. When I was 17, I spent my summer working at a smoothie bar for minimum wage sweating over a blender. While I am grateful for this experience, the landscape of employment for teens has changed, as has the kinds of skills that employers seek. At San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious colleges of art in the nation, at which I serve as the Director of our PreCollege Program, we believe that ...