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Author: iD Tech

iD Tech has been offering fun and educational summer technology camps for 16 years. Teens can choose from 4 summer programs, and will learn in high-energy courses that provide hands-on experience in coding, app development, programming, electrical engineering, graphic design, robotics, and modding with Minecraft.

Posted Jan. 22, 2015, noon by iD Tech | View Comments
iD tech summer camp

A reported one million STEM jobs will go unfilled by 2020. We’re talking some of the highest-paid, most creative careers imaginable. Yet most K-12 schools are ill-equipped to teach students the skills they need to thrive in our tech-driven world. Thankfully, extracurricular opportunities like summer tech camps exist to close that gap and equip students with skills that will help them succeed. But how can you be sure to send your teen to the right summer program? Consider these important qualities that make for the best summer tech camp experience. 1. Class Size Class size can dramatically impact your teen’s ...