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Author: Danny Kalman

Danny Kalman, founder of the online language school, languagebird.com, speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese, has lived in 4 countries and has traveled to over 20. Danny taught English full-time for 16 months with Japan's largest private English conversation school and has learned languages in every type of program. In his free time, Danny is an avid salsa dancer, competitor & performer.

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keeping new years resolutions

January 1st-15th, gyms around the country are packed. Eager, sweaty, “resolutionaries” have made grandiose mental pacts to turn their lives around. The elliptical machines are pumped hard as the waiting list fills. The wheels of the stationary bikes spin wildly day by day. Dumbbells are scattered about chaotically as new exercisers swoop in and attempt to use them effectively. Then it stops. The bustling busy bodies of the 1st to the 15th dissipate and the gym feels calm again. The remaining people, the regulars who stuck with it from January 16th to December 31st of the previous year, nod to ...

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Gap Year Lingual Immersion

“Danny, we’re going downtown. Want to come?” Of course I wanted to come. “No thanks guys,” I replied. The next week, “Danny, we’re going to the park. Come with us!” “I’d love to but not this time.” My buddies were starting to wonder why I rarely joined them. This pattern developed while living in Jerusalem for ten months on a study program. It may appear that I was a bona fide recluse. However, the opposite was true. The Golden Rules for Gap Year Lingual Immersion Rule #1: Ignore Your Friends My American and European buddies on the program were delightful ...