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Author: Karyn Koven, Ed.D

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Dr. Karyn Koven is the founder of LanguageBird.com, online high school Spanish courses and a co-founder of HighTech Los Angeles, a college-prep school ranked the No. 1 charter high school in California. As Director of College Counseling, Internships and Community Outreach, Dr. Koven has visited over 90 colleges domestically and internationally and helped thousands of students find college, summer, gap year and internship programs. She coordinates the school’s internship course and volunteer ment

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7 Things to Consider When Planning a Gap Year

Each year millions of high school seniors contend for coveted spots at the most prestigious universities. Persisting through the fray has become a rite of passage at high schools across the nation. Pressure to compete in the college admissions game has turned some students into robot-like machines, frying their circuits on over-programmed schedules of extracurricular activities, volunteering, and homework while they overdose on AP exams, SATs, ACTs and subject exams throughout their high school years. What has become the traditional high school experience leaves some students feeling burned out and longing for a way to reignite their passion for learning. ...

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parents and guidance department

It’s a new year, not only for students, but also for parents. A good time to turn over a new leaf. Here’s what those of us who are guidance counselors are hoping parents will do this year: 1. Provide appropriate support Support your high school student and check in with frequently. If you are perceived as a nag, that’s too bad. Ask how things are going and help with navigating any tricky conversations your child may have to have with adults. This is good practice for the future. Encourage your child to reach out to teachers who seem to be ...

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where do you find  high school internships?

What do you hope to get out of an internship? Do you want to explore a particular area of interest? Do you want to gain specific skills? Do you want to be able to observe what a lawyer does all day or see what the daily routine is of someone who works in advertising? With clear goals in mind, you can more easily target the type of internship you would like to get and there are plenty of opportunities for high school students. Finding an internship in high school takes what I call the three R’s: Resourcefulness, Research, and Reaching ...