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Author: Peter Hawley

Peter Hawley is the Academic Dean at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. An accredited institution located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Tribeca Flashpoint Academy is one of the digital media industry's most well-known and respected digital media arts colleges, providing hands-on bachelor’s and associate degree programs in high-tech industries including film and broadcast, recording arts, design and visual communications, animation and visual effects, digital marketing, and more.

Posted Oct. 21, 2014, 12:07 p.m. by Peter Hawley | View Comments
Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

They may be the seven scariest words a college-aged child can say to a parent: “Mom, dad…I want to go to film school.” Parental Concern About Film School Parents, you probably have your concerns. After all, your child wants to go to film school—a path that carried certain connotations when you and I were headed to college. Back then, there were three networks and PBS; cable television was in its infancy; 3D films were old fashioned; and the internet was decades away. But today, the filmmaking landscape is different. Way different. In fact, even the term “film school” is becoming ...