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Author: Tracy Morgan

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Tracy Morgan is a freelance writer living in Hjärup, Sweden. The proud mum of two amazing boys, Tracy loves baking and when pushed, admits to a weakness for reality shows.

Posted Dec. 26, 2014, 9:58 a.m. by Tracy Morgan | View Comments
build confidence in your adhd teen

Self-esteem is a crucial component for any healthy, balanced teen: it gives them the confidence to try new things and allows them to respect themselves, which in turn leads to them being respected by others. However, self-esteem in ADHD teens is often very low. They have grown up being acutely aware of their differences, which leaves them feeling judged, and results in a severe lack of confidence. All teenagers should be encouraged to develop healthy self-esteem, but adolescents with ADHD need that extra helping hand. ADHD Teens Often Feel Bad About Themselves Throughout her life, your teen will have invariably ...

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teen volunteering

As a parent, you fully understand the importance of volunteering, although it is often hard to motivate your teen to get involved with helping out in the community. Of course, your child should appreciate the meaning behind volunteering and helping those perhaps less fortunate; however, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed at the same time! If your teen is reluctant, uninspired or just a tad lazy, why not come up with some suggestions and ideas that might seem more like fun, and get your teen in the community spirit! // 1. Write Away! If your teen is a budding ...

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volunteering during middle school

It’s never too early to start thinking about helping others, and middle school is often a time when children first participate in volunteer work. There are many great opportunities to help out in the community, which can prove both highly rewarding and beneficial for your child. // Volunteering in Middle School Volunteering Offers a Sense of Personal Achievement Knowing that you’ve done something worthwhile, or helped another person in need, is an awesome feeling, regardless of how old you are. However, the feel-good emotions generated from volunteering can be particularly pertinent for a child going through the transitional stage of ...

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summer middle school students

There are many reasons why your middle school child might benefit from participating in a summer program. Perhaps they are struggling with school work, or conversely, excelling in a certain subject. They may be talented on the sports field, or alternatively, require some help and motivation to lose weight. Whatever your child’s specific requirements, summer programs offer a whole host of benefits, some life-long. The Benefits of Summer Programs for Middle-Schoolers Summer Programs Broaden Your Child’s Horizons. One thing that summer programs have resounding success at, is broadening children’s horizons. Whether it is at a residential stay for several weeks, ...

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peer pressure

Peer pressure is something that keeps many parents awake at night, inducing panic-laden insomnia that his hard to shake. However, the truth is more reassuring: parents often have a bigger part to play, and have more influence over their teen, than they might imagine. Most Peer Pressure is Internal When parents consider peer pressure, their imagination runs wild, thinking of all the terrible things their child is being coerced into against their better judgment. However, the biggest source of pressure actually comes from the teen themselves. Often, teenagers will feel pressured into doing things they perceive others are doing, when ...

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private vs public school

It’s probably fair to say that most parents, at some time or another, have questioned whether their child’s school was right for them. Many feel despair at public schools, and wonder if their child would perhaps fare better in a private school. In fairness, there are negatives and positives for both, and often the decision rests not only on whether one particular educational system is right, but is more about finding a school that meets your (and your child’s) needs. Do your research. In many parents’ minds, private school equates to better results and a higher standard of education. However, ...

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debunking myths about boarding school

Boarding school has a historic reputation of being a dismal place for children who have been forcibly ejected from their families. The media backs up this by depicting students as drunken, marauding adolescents; evil gangs conjuring up witch-craft in the woods; or desolate, picked-on children. None of which are exactly reassuring. However, although a boarding school is by no means for everyone, these portrayals are so inaccurate they are almost mythical, when, in fact, it can often be a natural, and the most logical, solution for many families. Understanding the Purpose of Boarding School Although you might appreciate that life ...

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how to help teens deal with grief

Dealing with grief is tough at any age, but for teenagers that are experiencing the profound loss of a loved one, perhaps for the first time, it is often bewildering and difficult to cope with. Many teens will struggle to deal with the volatile emotions they are experiencing, and will need a caring, empathic hand to guide them through the devastating time in their life. Provide the support and love they need. Adolescence is a crucial point in a child’s life, and with older teens, it is often easy to overlook that the virtually grown-up body may still contain a ...

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common sense tips for parenting teens

There’s something about having children that hinders your use of common sense. Over-thinking situations, and a strong desire to get it right can often cloud your judgment, affecting your ability to use the common sense that is second nature in every other aspect of your life. Parenting teens is never easy, but it’s time to go back to grass roots, and parent with common sense. 1. Act like a parent. Common sense, right? Well, not always. It is easy to slip out of the parental role and into one of a friend, but it is important to remember that you ...

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learning a language on a gap year

Many educational experts are quick to extol the virtues of taking a gap year between high school and college, in that it brings immense benefits (both personal and career-wise) for teens. Learning (or improving) a language not only provides a great deal of satisfaction, but it can also set a teen in good stead for future life. What Benefits Can Learning a Language Offer? The most important, and long-reaching, benefit of learning a new language is undoubtedly for future career prospects. Having a second (or third) language under their belt can open up a teen’s options, and make them very ...

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