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Author: Tracy Morgan

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Tracy Morgan is a freelance writer living in Hjärup, Sweden. The proud mum of two amazing boys, Tracy loves baking and when pushed, admits to a weakness for reality shows.

Posted Nov. 18, 2019, 2 p.m. by Tracy Morgan | View Comments
summer middle school students

There are many reasons why your middle school child might benefit from participating in a summer program. Perhaps they are struggling with school work, or conversely, excelling in a certain subject. They may be talented on the sports field, or alternatively, require some help and motivation to lose weight. Whatever your child’s specific requirements, summer programs offer a whole host of benefits, some life-long. The Benefits of Summer Programs for Middle-Schoolers Summer Programs Broaden Your Child’s Horizons. One thing that summer programs have resounding success at, is broadening children’s horizons. Whether it is at a residential stay for several weeks, ...

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encouraging girls in STEM

Women within the science industry in general are under-represented, despite some of the greatest scientific discoveries having been at the hands of women. There is a very tangible stigma attached to women being involved with computer science and other STEM occupations, with a media portrayal that only compounds the seemingly lack of interest girls have for the profession. Number of Women in Computer Science is on the Decline In the techno-crazy world we live in, you could be forgiven for assuming that computer science is a career that would appeal to both men and women equally. However, the number of ...

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10 Fun (and Safe) Things to Do After Prom

There is nothing more eagerly anticipated than a prom, with the festivities that follow the actual dance just as important as the event itself. It’s a time for your kids to let loose and enjoy themselves, but it is also something that many parents worry about. Here are 10 fantastic activities for teens after prom that are great fun but safe at the same time. 1. Go Down-Market in Upmarket Clothes Dancing brings on a hearty appetite and there’s nothing more hilarious than heading to the local diner dressed in fancy clothes. Eating fries with their fingers in their finery ...

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The Pros & Cons of Teens Getting Jobs

It used to be commonplace for teens to have a part-time job, whether that was helping to pack bags at the store, or delivering newspapers. However, these days it is becoming a whole lot rarer. Here we look at the potential benefits and pitfalls of your teen getting a job. The Benefits of Part-Time Jobs for Teens There are a whole host of reasons how your teen can benefit from getting a job. 1. It offers a much wider perspective on life, and mixing with people they might not normally have the opportunity to meet is a great eye-opener to ...

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debunking myths about boarding school

Boarding school has a historic reputation of being a dismal place for children who have been forcibly ejected from their families. The media backs up this by depicting students as drunken, marauding adolescents; evil gangs conjuring up witch-craft in the woods; or desolate, picked-on children. None of which are exactly reassuring. However, although a boarding school is by no means for everyone, these portrayals are so inaccurate they are almost mythical, when, in fact, it can often be a natural, and the most logical, solution for many families. Understanding the Purpose of Boarding School Although you might appreciate that life ...

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E-Cigarettes and Teens: Why We Should be Concerned

Electronic cigarettes are big business. Touted as a solution to kicking the smoking habit for good, they are everywhere these days. However, it is not only seasoned smokers who are interested in e-cigarettes: research shows that teens, especially those who have never smoked a conventional cigarette, are often just as inclined to use them. What is an E-Cigarette? At first glance, E-cigarettes look pretty similar to their traditional counterparts, and are manufactured by large tobacco companies. They are battery-powered, designed to be “smoked” in the same way as regular cigarettes, but producing a mist rather than smoke. Generally, they incorporate ...

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How I Faced  My Son's Asperger's Diagnosis

My son was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s, which falls at the high-functioning end of the autistic spectrum. It is a condition that often goes undiagnosed until the teenage years and when it happens, invariably leaves families feeling devastated, as well as floundering for answers, advice and help. Receiving the diagnosis The autistic spectrum is vast and those people that fall along it, and their symptoms, varies immensely. Some autism is severe and very difficult to miss, but for others, most notably those with Asperger’s, it is not always easy to identify. Children with more severe forms of autism are generally ...

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When Your Teen Doesn’t Make the Team

Rejection hurts at any age but teens often feel it more keenly, especially when it concerns a coveted place on the team. Losing out and disappointment are part of life and hard lessons we all need to learn along our journey. As parents, it’s our role to guide our teens through the situation, bearing in mind that how we react is likely to have a long-lasting effect on them. Keep Emotions in Check In this kind of scenario, parents often experience strong emotions, including sadness, anger and disappointment, but it is important to keep a reign on any strong feelings ...

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How to Help Your Teen Overcome Shyness

Feeling socially awkward is often debilitating regardless of your age, but for a shy teenager, it can be excruciating. There are often many reasons why a teen might regard social situations with apprehension, and a lot of that is due to feeling inadequate and experiencing negative thought patterns. Here we look at ways you can try to help your teen overcome their shyness, combat destructive thoughts, and become a little more confident. It’s All About Them Shy teens often envision the worst-case scenario, such as doing something that others will laugh at, or wanting to participate in something, only to ...

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What’s All the Fuss About Charlie?

The chances are you’ve already heard about the “Charlie, Charlie challenge,” a craze sweeping through social media, with teens in their droves playing a spooky game which involves trying to contact a demon named Charlie. Silly fun, or potentially harmful? What Is It? People started to become aware of the game after several teens posted videos of them playing it, and it caught on like wildfire. Although there are many suggestions as to where the challenge originated, including the clever promotion for a new horror movie or an ancient Mexican tradition, it isn’t clear where the game came from; however, ...

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