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Author: Amy Williams

Amy Williams is a journalist and mother in Southern California. With two children who are constantly on social media, she finds it important to use trending events as ways to educate them. You can read more of her content on the TeenSafe blog, where she writes about parenting-related issues.

Posted Dec. 8, 2016, 2:32 p.m. by Amy Williams | View Comments
Gap year application tips

Are you thinking about taking a gap year between high school and college? Teachers, parent, and friends may have advised you to apply to college and then ask to defer admission for a year once you are accepted. But, this strategy doesn’t work for everyone. After all, getting into a university is intensely competitive, so there’s no guarantee you will get into the school of your dreams straight out of high school. And some high school graduates may want to take time off to figure out their finances or decide if college is the appropriate next step. Regardless of the ...

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What the Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Your Teens About Social Media

Evidence of this viral epidemic can be seen on almost any news channel, Facebook feed, and morning talk show. It’s everywhere. Coolers, buckets, ice, and water are in high demand as communities catch and spread the fever. I am not talking about the Ebola epidemic or a strong strain of H1N1 influenza; I am talking about the outbreak of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The social media challenge has officially reached pandemic levels on my Facebook newsfeed. Videos of friends and celebrities have flooded my updates with their challenges as they pour ice-cold water over their heads. This is a great ...