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Jenny Mazzella is a junior at Millburn High School. She is really not looking forward to starting the whole college process but happy to share her experience with readers along the way. She will blogging throughout her junior and senior year.

Posted July 29, 2014, 10 a.m. by Jenny Mazzella | View Comments
10 Tips From a First-Time Teen Traveler

In a prior post, I outlined 10 tips for parents of teens going on their first trip abroad. In part II, my recently returned daughter offers 10 tips of her own based on her travel experience. 1. Jet lag can be hard on your mind and body Our trip began with a 1:45 am wakeup, a two-hour bus ride to the airport, a five our plane ride, a two-hour time change and another one-hour bus ride to our accommodations. Even though I was really excited, I was sick to my stomach and very out of sorts when we finally arrived. ...