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Author: Lindsay McAuliffe

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Lindsay McAuliffe is a senior Theater Major at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. She is looking forward to beginning the college application process. While in college, she hopes to major in Theater with an emphasis in Musical Theater, and study Renaissance History and English Literature. Lindsay is working at TeenLife for the summer updating the Community Service Organization listings and occasionally blogging for the website.

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College Graduate

College graduates face tough circumstances when they transition into the workplace. Some of these dilemmas include the competition to find good-paying jobs soon after graduation (which is becoming increasingly harder each year) and the confrontation of overwhelming debt amounted from student-loans. College Degree Can Determine Employment Although the job market is to some an elusive idea, studies have shown that having a college degree during recessions can be a decisive factor in the determination of employment prospects, salaries and overall health and happiness. On June 20, 2014, journalist Claire Cane Miller, a writer who covers stories on Google and ecommerce ...