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Author: Scott Fallon

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Scott is a senior at Dover-Sherborn High School and looking forward to starting the college application process. He is an intern and an occasional blogger here at TeenLife.

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Essay Writing

With summer being about half way over, it’s the perfect time to start writing that college essay. This could be one of the most important essays you write in your life so here are some tips to make it the best essay possible. Make your essay stand out Try to avoid writing about cliché ideas. College Admission officers read hundreds of essays each day so try to avoid topics that lots of other people will write about. Make it unique to yourself and different than everyone else’s. Write an essay that will stand out to the person reading it. You ...

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What to Do the Summer Before Senior Year

The summer going into your senior year is a very important summer. It allows teens to build up their resumewith different activities while also having some fun with friends. Internships Not only do internships look great on a college resume, but they also show teens how “real world” jobs actually work. As an intern myself, it has given me an idea of what I want to do for a job when I get out of college. It has really helped me figure out what I like and what I would want to pursue in college and as an adult. Volunteering ...

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Teens at Summer Camp

As the summer is just starting, there is no better place for your teen to go than a traditional overnight summer camp. 1. Making the Most of Every Situation As a kid, my father always told me, “if you can’t get out of it, get into it.” Chances are, when attending a summer camp, you wont always be able to participate in the activity you want to. One thing camp has taught me is to try new things. If given the activity you specifically didn’t want, you might as well try it out and see how you like it. Try ...