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Author: Jill Suskind

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Jill Suskind, M.Ed. is a 25-year veteran public school teacher. Since 2007, she has been working with parents and their teens, providing innovative, practical, and effective resources and guidance for preparing teens for adulthood with positive money habits and attitudes.

Posted April 9, 2014, 2:55 p.m. by Jill Suskind | View Comments
Money Management Strategies for Teens

Let’s take the “haphazard” out of our teens’ money management habits. Many of us learned our money habits piecemeal, rather than as a whole system with all parts working together. As a teenager, when the occasion arose to contribute to charity, I sometimes donated some of my own money. When I wanted to save for something expensive, I would put all my money toward that thing until I bought it. When I needed to buy something and I had enough money, I bought it. Money management for me was completely based on my emotions. Does that sound familiar? The problem ...

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Why We Avoid Talking to Teenagers About Money

Talking about money is usually the LAST topic we enjoy discussing with the teens in our lives. It’s often a matter that sparks tension and frustration. To make it even less productive, our culture says it’s okay to avoid the subject. That makes the matter of teaching our teens to manage money in a substantive way difficult and easy to avoid. Why don't we talk to our teens? I think we don’t talk to our teenagers about money because we’re embarrassed. If I have less money than you, I don’t want you to know it, and on the other hand, ...

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5 Laws for Parents Teaching Financial Literacy

For better or worse, these aren’t laws in the legal sense. No one will arrest a person for not raising children with excellent money management habits. I’m talking about the laws of nature that operate when we set out to raise teens with financial literacy. Laws such as the Law of Gravity, Murphy’s Law, and the Law of Conservation of Mass aren’t laws you have to follow, per se, but if you understand them, you get TWO REWARDS: First, you get a lot less confusion in your life about why things happen the way they do, and second, you get ...

Posted March 31, 2014, 4:37 p.m. by Jill Suskind | View Comments
A New Allowance System for Financial Literacy

Parents are our teens’ primary financial educator. Yet, we do relatively little to support parents in this area. We don’t even have a contemporary collective agreement on what great parenting in this area looks like. One thing we DO know is that the way WE were taught about money does not work anymore. We can just look at society today and see that we are financially illiterate, as a whole. If we really want to create a generation that is prepared to meet the financial reality of adulthood with confidence and competence, let’s start with the most obvious point: Our ...