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Author: Heather Jack

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Heather Jack has extensive experience in the private as well as the nonprofit sector. She worked in the legal industry until 2002, when after the birth of her daughter, she founded a nonprofit called The Volunteer Family, which helps families, especially those with children, find volunteer opportunities that they can do together. She has been featured in numerous publications such as Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, and the New York Times.

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Practically Painless Fundraising

Do you feel passionate about a specific issue or organization? Perhaps you would like to help them out with a monetary donation, but are a little tight on cash? Maybe you want to get more friends and family involved in a good cause? Or maybe you absolutely dread the thought of raising money or having a drive? The following are Practically Painless Fundraising ideas that can be used to mobilize family, community members, and friends to support a good cause! 11 Ideas for Practically Painless Fundraising 1. For your birthday, have family and friends give presents that support a specific ...