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Author: Andrea Bazemore

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Andrea Bazemore is a student at George Mason University. She is studying communications, psychology and journalism. She is also the Editor-in Chief of Positive Energy Group.

Posted March 24, 2014, 3:21 p.m. by Andrea Bazemore | View Comments
Parenting Advice From a College Kid

It might seem strange for a person who isn’t even thinking about parenthood to write advice in a parenting article. Yet I may offer some of the best parenting advice you’re not hearing because I’m offering advice from the perspective of your teenagers. There are a lot of parenting books, magazines, and advice columns out there, but little of it is from the perspective of the teen. Here’s some advice that I’ve collected through things I’ve seen, heard, and experienced first hand. Parenting Advice From a Teen Let us make mistakes. We will never learn from our mistakes unless you ...