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Author: Marie Schwartz

Marie Schwartz is the CEO and Founder of TeenLife Media. Marie launched TeenLife in 2007 after moving to Boston with her husband and two middle school sons and discovering that there were no information resources for families with older children. Today, TeenLife's award-winning website lists thousands of summer and gap year programs, schools, college admission resources and volunteer opportunities for teens around the world.

Posted April 3, 2014, 3:56 p.m. by Marie Schwartz | View Comments
Summer College Tours: Eat Lunch on Campus and Other Suggestions

Many seniors have friends going off to college and their fall visits may be more independent of parental support. They may have opportunities for overnight visits, bunked in sleeping bags on dorm room floors. While other trips will likely include you, their parents, this summer before senior year is an interesting time when the campus visit and family vacation often become one. Family Vacation and Campus Visit I liked this guest post on the New York Times’ Choice blog by a college counselor with some interesting tips about making the most from a college visit. You can read the entire ...

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Risky Pills Too Bitter: Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens

With all that we cover here at TeenLife, we feel that teenagers' prescription drug abuse to attain higher-level achievements is an issue that has become very relevant to our readers. So much of what we write about on the TeenLife blog has to do with students’ achievements—or how to bring out the best in teens. We cover college admissions, gap years, internships, summer enrichment and community service. We also think about downtime and communication and technology. We don’t write much about teenagers’ “troubles” because everyone else does. Achievement Drugs on the Rise The New York Times ran an article about ...

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