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Author: Julia Levine Rogers

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Julia Rogers is a professional gap year adviser based in Stowe, Vermont, and founder of EnRoute Consulting. Rogers works to engage young Americans across the country in service work, experiential education and travel as a way of learning about themselves and the world around them. In addition to private consultations, Rogers enthusiastically advocates for the popularization of the gap year through public talks, visits to high schools and networking with guidance counselors.

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Experience is Everything: How a Gap Year Can Prepare Teens for Life

Recently, the parent of one of my students told me that her daughter’s hairdresser noticed a difference after she returned from her gap year. Although he only sees her a few times a year, he observed, "You can just tell she's changed." And he meant it as a compliment. As a gap year advisor, I work with students who engage in wildly different gap year activities: Studying sculpture in Florence, whitewater rafting in Bhutan, working on organic farms in New Zealand, mentoring troubled youth in Chicago. And while these activities are very different, they are all worthwhile, challenging pursuits. So ...

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Traveling Responsibly: A Beginner’s Guide

You may not realize it, but when you travel abroad, you become an automatic ambassador for America. Leaving the country for a gap year adventure is thrilling, but it’s important to note how your behavior abroad can impact you or the people of your host country. Taking steps to be respectful will not only help you have a positive international experience, but it will contribute to a better global reputation for all Americans! Here are some simple things to remember: DON’T: Dress inappropriately. This goes for men and women. Different regions of the world have different norms, so it’s important ...

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8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Gap Year

It is the season of college acceptances and decisions. But you may find yourself as one of the growing number of students who have chosen to defer their college admission in favor of a gap year. This is an incredibly exciting time, but you may also feel a little anxious about the adventures that await you. Here are some tips for preparing yourself to make the most of your gap year: 1. Anticipate being out of your comfort zone. Everything you experience on your college gap year is going to be different from what you now know. You’ll meet new ...