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Author: Katherine Dayton

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Katherine Dayton is Executive Director of VISIONS Service Adventures. For twenty-five years, VISIONS has run summer community service for teens and middle school students in international and domestic locations.

Posted March 21, 2014, 12:25 p.m. by Katherine Dayton | View Comments
Plugged or Unplugged? Technology and Summer Programs

Recently, there’s been a bit of lively buzz in the summer camps community about a new policy announced by the #1 ranked camp in Pennsylvania that allows “Smartphones, music players, tablets, e-readers, even laptops–they’re all fair game...” Technology can be a great thing, but should it be used in the great outdoors? Allowing Technology Kids are entwined in their gadgetry. In fact, almost everyone uses gadgetry for business and social commerce these days. Even in under-resourced countries worldwide, no matter how remote or economically depressed, one is hard-pressed not to find cell phones prevalent, at least. The scope of summer ...