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Sophie Borden graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Environmental Studies, Spanish, and Writing. She is a Marketing Associate at TeenLife and lives in Boston. She loves traveling, cooking, and dogs, especially her little rescue pup, Lily.

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Why Students Should  Intern at Tech Companies

In the 2013 Glassdoor report of the 50 best companies to work for, 20 of those companies were tech companies, such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. While high school students still have a few years before they enter the workforce, there are many opportunities for teenagers to become interns. Some of the best companies to intern for—not surprisingly—are these same tech companies. Salaries The biggest perk of interning at a tech company? The salaries are unbeatable. In fact, the highest paying internship this year, with a monthly salary of $7,000, is at Palantir, a Palo Alto, California software company—that’s the ...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Summer

After a long winter and an even longer school year, everyone is excited for the endless opportunities that summer brings. It is also commonly known that these days, students need to utilize their summers to engage in meaningful enrichment activities—internships, jobs, camps, traveling, volunteering—in order to ramp up their college applications. The last thing a high school student wants to do is work hard with their noses in books all fall, winter, spring, and summer. The good news is that teens can have a meaningful summer while also having fun and relaxing. Here are five engaging summer activities that are ...

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What Parents Should and Shouldn't Do to Help Their Kids in School

Forget what you think is beneficial for your school-aged kids—new research shows that parental involvement in school does not affect a student’s test scores, and could even hinder their learning. A recent article in The Atlantic by Dana Goldstein outlines a new study on parents, children, and school performance. Many parents in America today are concerned with their involvement, or lack their of, in schools. The “ideal” parent is supposed to be involved in all aspects of their kid’s school: PTA, bake sales, and homework help. Until recently, very little data existed on academic performance and parental involvement in schools, ...

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6 Unique Careers in STEM

A career in STEM doesn’t have to be a stereotypical job in engineering or research. It can be innovative, creative, and unique. Take a look at six of the most cutting-edge and coolest careers in STEM. [Check out our latest Guide to STEM Programs!] 6 Unique Careers in STEM 1. Music Data Journalist A music data journalist helps educate music industry professionals on the value of data and technology. They play a large role in forming and analyzing music charts. A music data journalist works daily with graphic design, studies current events in the music industry, and searches for industry ...

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Why STEM Is Important NOW

The U.S. Government is making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education a national priority. President Obama and the Department of Education have detailed the issues of STEM education, and have concrete goals and actions in place to fix these problems. The lack of STEM education in our country, proven by numbers, figures and data, has led to tangible initiatives to improve these areas of study. And in this country, political initiatives are backed by one very important factor: Money. Although education policy and budgeting isn’t the most interesting news to look out for, it is time to start paying ...

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Admission Rates Decline Again at Most Elite Colleges

As the college admissions season dies down, statistics have been released about the newest accepted college classes. The data is disheartening—elite schools accept fewer and fewer qualified students each year. Again, following the same trend, the 2014 admissions season was the harshest and most competitive year yet. Download Most Competitive Year Yet For the second year in a row, Stanford University had the lowest admission rate among the top colleges—about 5%. Only slightly higher were Harvard and Yale at 6 percent acceptance, Columbia and Princeton at 7 percent, and MIT and the University of Chicago at 8 percent. To put ...

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Study Links Teen Depression with School Dissatisfaction

A recent study out of the Queensland University of Technology links improper school fit with teen depression. In a study of 2,000 students, researchers surveyed how teens felt about their school, their mood, and other factors. Professor Ian Shochet was amazed at the correlation between school and depression. He says, “The school experience is so important. Its link with depression is more important than parental attachment. The strength of the correlation is breathtaking.” Understanding Teen Depression Many teens don’t love school, but parents must be able to differentiate annoyance with school from depression. Shochet encourages parents to pull their children ...

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Our Student Debt Doesn't Make Us Lazy

Baby boomers (my parents) often refer to my generation as lazy, entitled, and under accomplished, especially in the context of holding a job throughout high school and college. Millennials, after all, have grown up with computers, the Internet, and a booming technology industry; work is naturally easier and faster to do with little effort. I agree that my generation is used to achieving results fast, without using much brainpower. But I disagree that college students who take out loans instead of working throughout college are simply “entitled.” Working Your Way Through College A recent article in The Atlantic summed up ...

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The Pros and Cons of College Loans

Growing up in an upper-middle class town outside of Boston, the price of college was not a prominent issue when I was applying to schools six years ago. Although my parents were strapped for money, and unable to afford college for my older sister, twin brother, and I (all at the same time), they never led me to believe that my college search should be hindered by our family’s finances. My parents wanted me to get the best education possible, at the college of my dreams. When I was accepted early decision to my first choice school, a top-ranked private ...

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How to Talk About Sex With Your Teen

March is “National Talk to Your Teen About Sex Month.” While the month is closing fast, talking about sex with your teen is a critical conversation to have—no matter the time of year. Talk to Your Teen About Sex All-Year-Round Talking about sex is embarrassing for both parents and their teenagers. Parents are sometimes unsure of how sexually active their kids really are, while teenagers are almost always uncomfortable talking about their sexual activity with anyone other than their friends or partner. But after the first sex talk, and as teens grow older, parents and teens may find it less ...

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