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Sophie Borden graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Environmental Studies, Spanish, and Writing. She is a Marketing Associate at TeenLife and lives in Boston. She loves traveling, cooking, and dogs, especially her little rescue pup, Lily.

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NACAC Provides a Second Chance for College Admission

Every year, NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) publishes the College Openings Update (The Update), a list of more than 250 colleges and universities that still have openings. Now in its 27th year, this tool offers support and information for counselors, teachers, parents, and students. High school seniors who have not yet completed the college application process or have been rejected from all schools still have a chance to go to college starting in the fall of 2014. The Update is a "Win-Win" Joyce E. Smith, NACAC CEO, says, “This announcement is a ‘win-win’ for all parties, if students ...

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Is Taking ADHD Medication a Form of Cheating?

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to write that 20-page biology paper or study for a math midterm? For many prestigious college students, these assignments can be completed with ease with only one pill. ADHD Drugs in College This month at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting, a new research study was presented on college students illegally obtaining and using ADHD performance drugs. About one in five students at an Ivy League college (not named in the study) reported that they have used ADHD drugs while studying, and a third of the college students did not ...

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Unique College Essays

The college essay: the longest, hardest, and most feared factor of the application process. You’re a smart, well-traveled, interesting high school student, so this should be easy, right? The only problem is that once you start writing, you may realize your topic isn’t that original after all. Here are some ideas for unique, one-of-a-kind college essays. Advocate for an issue you believe in. Arguing for or against a cause that’s important to you is bold but very interesting. You could discuss your beliefs on federal minimum wage, cigarette smoking and taxes, or environmental policy, for example. All of these issues ...

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Why I Wish I Went to a Pre-College Summer Program

When I was accepted early-decision into my alma mater, I could not wait to step foot on campus for freshman orientation in August. But for some reason, when I was completing my housing form and meal plan preferences, I skipped over the Pre-College Summer Program options. At my college, like many others, there are several summer programs offered on campus and off for entering freshmen. These activities include wilderness trips, pre-orientation classes, community service, and many more. These programs came at an extra price—but also with tons of advantages. These are the reasons why I wish I went to a ...

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The White House Steps in to Prevent Sexual Assault in College

Why does it seem like change only occurs once a major problem is brought into the spotlight? Sexual violence and harassment at colleges has always been a very real, relevant issue, yet we only hear about specific cases when they are reported through large news channels. Last month, I wrote about diminishing sexual assault on college campuses after a Dartmouth student came forward to the administration about a message board titled, “The Dartmouth Rape Guide.” While the administration did little to help the victim, public awareness on sexual assault rose, ultimately reaching the White House and the Department of Education ...

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Parents—Not Teens—Are Overusing Devices

When we think about the smartphone age, we undoubtedly picture a teenager, mindlessly yet furiously typing text messages at the dinner table, at school, and at work—all places where the use, and especially the overuse, of devices is not appropriate. But what happens when parents have this same obsession with technology and constant contact? Parents Overusing Devices Steve Henn recently wrote a blog for NPR titled, “When Parents Are the Ones Too Distracted by Devices.” He describes an intervention of sorts from his eldest daughter. One night, when he was standing in the hallway checking his cellphone, his daughter decided ...

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Heroin Epidemic Invades the Suburbs

In the last five years, heroin use has exploded throughout the United States. This is no secret—high profile celebrities such as Corey Monteith and Phillip Seymour Hoffman died from heroin overdoses, and heroin use is now referred to as an epidemic in multiple states. Once known as a cheap, impure, dirty drug, heroin has made its way into suburban, middle-class neighborhoods. For the first time ever, teenagers and young adults make up a majority of heroin users and deaths—some start using as early as 12 or 13. Teenagers and Heroin In the past, the average age for most heroin deaths ...

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Alexis Ohanian, reddit.com Founder, on STEM Education

The world in 2014 would not be the same without the Internet. Without science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the tool that we all use daily would have never been created. The ability to share information is what makes the Internet so revolutionary. Over the past two decades or so, Internet users have gained access and credibility, and are able to write, post, and share almost anything online. The Internet today is more like a “democracy” for users than ever before. Alexis Ohanian, nicknamed “The Mayor of the Internet,” played a huge role in forming this democracy. Reddit.com Ohanian is ...

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How to Be Sustainable on Earth Day

April 22nd, 2014 marks the 44th Earth Day, a celebration of our planet and sustainability. Created by Senator Gaylord Nelson in the 1960s to promote a mass environmental movement, Earth Day is still as relevant as ever—if not more so. Environmental Movement The 1960s was one of the first decades of environmental activism. Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in 1962, which touched on the use of pesticides and the dangers of these chemicals in humans and animals. In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland lit on fire, shedding light on the problem of chemical waste disposal. While there was little ...

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Remembering Our Strength and Bravery on Patriots’ Day

Today, as Massachusetts celebrates Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon, long-lived traditions will ensue. The Red Sox play in the afternoon, crowds roam around Copley and Boylston Street, cheering on packs of runners as they cross the finish line. While Patriots’ Day has always been a reminder of our freedom and perseverance, these emotions are sure to be heightened at the 118th Boston marathon. Patriots Day Patriots’ Day is a celebration of April 19th, 1775, commemorating the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the Revolutionary War. On this day, colonists attacked the British in Concord, forcing the ...

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