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Author: Adeleine Halsey

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My name is Adeleine Halsey, and I love to write. I'm here to share my voice through one of my favorite forms of expression. Readers of my work can expect character, unabashed opinions, and thoughtful writing on a wide array of subjects, especially current events. I'm excited to expand my reach and share my experiences with others as I navigate the college admissions experience and attempt to sharpen my skills as a writer.

Posted Oct. 1, 2020, 10 a.m. by Adeleine Halsey | View Comments
New Year New Me

"2020 will be my year!" As is the annual tradition, my family exclaimed this with great confidence in late December. We made our New Year's resolutions. We read the "New year new me!" posts on Instagram. Many recounted the dreadfulness of 2019 and rejoiced in the great relief of the turning of the decade. The allure of a new year lay in the promise of bright and unlimited possibilities - a chance to kiss your old-year self goodbye. It represented something exciting: a whole other 365 days to see what this dear old world throws our way. 2020 Is Beyond ...