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Author: Jason Sarouhan

Jane & Jason Sarouhan are the co-founders of J2Guides and are professionally accredited gap year counselors through the Gap Year Association. They have each spent the last ten years advising students on gap year opportunities and the fifteen years prior to that leading, coordinating and directing gap year programs. Of course, they each took gap time as young adults too!

Posted May 27, 2020, 8:56 a.m. by Jason Sarouhan | View Comments
Should You Take a Gap Year or Go to College in Fall 2020?

College-bound students around the country are out of time and lack critical information to make a decision about their path forward this fall. Final admissions deadlines for most colleges loom on June 1st, with precious few clearly articulating the learning environment students can anticipate. The gap year option has been mopped around the media as both a poison and antidote, yet few helpful truths have been articulated to help students with their decision. Let's get a few things straight about the gap year. Are Gap Years a Thing in the United States? Despite what you might have read, gap year ...