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Author: Cynthia Bahmani

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Cynthia Bahmani is a Fitness Professional and Pilates Instructor working in the Bay Area, and the proud mother of two teens. She has worked in Dance Medicine for twenty years. Cynthia guest teaches quarterly at UC Berkeley, and most recently, was the Pilates Instructor for the San Francisco Cirque du Soleil cast of AMALUNA.

Posted May 20, 2020, 10:59 a.m. by Cynthia Bahmani | View Comments
11 Ideas to Feel Better Physical and Mentally

Are you bored to tears with SIP and miss breaking a sweat? Do you miss your athletics and feeling fit? Did you miss Prom or other school dances? In addition, to walking and biking, check out these eleven ways to stay fit indoors AND outdoors with the power of your favorite music pumping in your veins, and lighting up good endorphins in your brain! Here is a link to how music can lift your spirit and mood. Most ideas below are from your fellow teens: Find a FITNESS APP you like, such as Nike Training Club, PilatesAnytime, Peleton Fitness, Orange ...