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Author: Moira McCullough

Moira McCullough, Founder of College Scoops, worked in high tech sales and consulting while obtaining her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has lived in NYC, London, Paris and Summit, NJ while raising three children always taking the time to explore local neighborhoods to find the best places to eat along the way. Moira is looking forward to tagging along with her youngest son on his college visits this fall.

Posted July 9, 2019, 10 a.m. by Moira McCullough | View Comments
College Tour

When researching colleges, every interaction with a potential school plays a role in the decision whether to apply. Everything from the drive up to campus to the interaction with a tour guide to an Instagram post you scroll past right before you fall asleep is evidence you can use to decide whether a school is a good fit for you. Choosing to apply to a specific university is more than making a pro/con list and confirming they have your major—it is a visceral feeling that this place could become a home. College admissions is about crafting the most compelling and ...