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Author: Karin Klein

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Karin Klein is a freelance writer based in Southern California whose work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, Atlas Obscura, YES! magazine and many other publications. She is thrilled to have gotten her three kids through college without any debt.

Posted April 5, 2019, 8 a.m. by Karin Klein | View Comments
Data Choosing College

It’s a bewildering place, the world of college admissions. Students don’t know where to apply, or they pin their hopes on one or two “reach” schools that stand a good chance of letting them down. Whether it’s a yearning for a big-name university or a search for the school that will be “the right fit,” the decisions of which colleges to apply to and attend feel like the lynchpin that will determine whether these students are headed toward a happy future or a miserable life. This phase of life would be far simpler and more relaxed if applicants and their ...