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Author: Christina June

Christina June has been a school counselor for 15 years including a decade working with high-achieving high school students. When she’s not at school, she writes young adult contemporary fiction. She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter. Her debut novel, “It Started With Goodbye,” was released in 2017, and a companion, “Everywhere You Want To Be,” will be available in 2018.

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Young women traveling in London on a gap year.

Taking a gap year or semester – time away from straight academics between high school and college – is the norm in many countries but is still rare in the United States. This is certainly the case in the school where I serve as a school counselor. I asked a student why she thought this was true and she gave me two reasons. The first: parents. Many are nervous about their children going out into the world, away from an academic setting for the first time. The second: students’ own fears of missing out. The idea of not starting college ...

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4 Reasons for High School STEM Students to Try Something New This Summer

It’s junior year in high school and you’re trying to figure out your plans for the summer. You’ve been told your whole life that the choices you make each summer can affect college admissions. So for students who’ve enjoyed STEM classes in high school, it probably feels natural to look for an internship in a doctor’s office or a research lab. But thinking outside the box and choosing a non-STEM high school summer program can help STEM majors acquire some pretty amazing skills, which ultimately will help them in their chosen fields. Here are some benefits that come with choosing ...