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Rebecca Albert - Minneapolis College

Rebecca Albert Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Entrepreneurial Studies Why did you choose to pursue entrepreneurial studies here at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD)? I really like the idea of combining business with art. I have both the creative background, but I also think very linearly and when I learned about MCAD’s entrepreneurial studies program I realized that this would be like a really good fit for the way that I think and what I want to go into. What do you enjoy most about this program? I enjoy all of the classes that I'm in ...

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MollyKate Cline  Columbus College of Art & Design

MollyKate Cline Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design, Class of 2020 Columbus College of Art & Design student MollyKate Cline (Fashion Design, 2020) says she knew she wanted to go into fashion “when I was seven—so pretty much my whole life.” But one big thing stood in the way for Cline, the eldest of three daughters. Her late father, who died when Cline was in elementary school, was set on his children going to school. But they didn’t have the money to do so. “I was in a really tough position,” she acknowledges. “But challenge accepted, I guess.” ...

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Georgiana Adams DePaul University

Georgiana Adams, Alumna DePaul University: School of Music I first discovered my love for music and performing when I was quite young, I used to perform impromptu performances in my backyard with my sister and my neighbors growing up, and that was where I first really found my passion for performing, I soon began to seek opportunities to sing and perform in choirs, musicals, and plays in school and community theater. My favorite thing about performing is bringing the message of whatever work I am doing to life. Embodying the character of my piece is the most exhilarating thing. Being ...

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Nina Cherry UMKC Conservatory

Nina Cherry, Sophomore University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music Major: BM Music Theory I discovered my passion for music very early in life. As the daughter of a drummer, I grew up falling asleep on my dad’s lap while he played drum set. I then started taking piano lessons and then cycled through several other instruments. Finally, I realized my underlying love for percussion and decided that I wanted to pursue it seriously. Upon starting college, I realized that, very specifically, the vibraphone was my passion. Performing and creating is liberating for me. While this may sound cliché, ...

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Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown How did you discover your passion for design? I’ve had a passion for design before I even attended pre-school; I had two artistic influences in my life—my parents. My mother saw the beauty in everything, and my father was a musician and florist. Both their lifestyles had a creative influence of how I developed my love for design. What’s your favorite part about creating? While growing as a visionary, I’ve created a passion for capturing the essence of the design experience users want to remember and can relate to. This past year I’ve been able to do that ...

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LCAD Testimonial

I discovered my passion for art at a very young age. My parents say I was always drawing and sculpting with playdough when I was little, and that creative bug never left me, but I didn’t become serious about art as a career until my junior year of high school, when, after spending a semester sculpting a still-life, I fell in love with the process of creating and bringing images from my own mind to life. My favorite part of creating is a tie between two parts of the process: the moment when you finish a sketch and begin lining ...

Posted March 17, 2020, 1:06 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Seton Hall

TeenLife Performing & Visual Arts NACAC Guide 2020 Student Testimonial Lexi Jenks Theatre Business Major Seton Hill University, Greensburg PA How did you discover your passion for (dance, acting, clarinet, game design..)? When I was little, my mom took me to a lot of local community theatre productions, and at the end of every single one, I would burst into tears. I just didn’t want them to be over. Those experiences sparked my love for theatre; even as a seven-year-old, I knew how special and fleeting it was. What’s your favorite part about performing/creating? I love seeing everyone “in their ...

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gap year

TeenLife’s Top 15 Most Popular Gap Programs Looking for the most popular programs for your gap semester or year? Look no further. This article covers TeenLife’s top 15 most popular gap programs for high school graduates and college students, organized by category. They take place in the US as well as other countries around the world. What Do We Mean by Popular? We reviewed all gap programs listed on TeenLife and selected the 15 programs with the most page views on our website. We then broke those programs into categories and arranged them alphabetically to create the list you find ...

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Cover of 2020 Gap Guide

It’s difficult to imagine a life outside of high school, for some students. Not everyone is ready to ship off to college post-graduation, and thinking about sitting in a classroom immediately after doing so for four years may seem grueling. Luckily, there are plenty of other options before embarking on the college grind! TeenLife can help. The 2020 Guide to Gap Year Programs is a comprehensive guide for finding and applying to gap year programs, whether it’s spending a year interning in Washington, D.C., or two weeks polishing your Spanish in Spain. You could rock climb in the American West ...

Posted Feb. 28, 2020, 2:27 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments

Summer brings up all kinds of images: the freedom of a lazy afternoon; the joy of a cool swim; the wonder of a starlit sky. But what if you could have all that and develop skills that you’re going to need for college and beyond? TeenLife’s 2020 GUIDE TO OVERNIGHT SUMMER PROGRAMS is a means to expand your world, explore a new interest, meet fascinating people, create something fantastic and, of course, have fun. These used to be called “enrichment” programs, but, as experts, we know that a summer spent on a college campus, in a structured program, engaging in ...

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