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Posted Dec. 20, 2017, 1 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Boston Conservatory's High School Intensives: Shelbie Rassler

Shelbie Rassler participated in Boston Conservatory’s High School Composition Intensive. What made your experience with HSCI so enjoyable? I very much enjoyed my HSCI experience. My work with the faculty at Boston Conservatory was instrumental in developing my compositional voice. In addition, I was able to study and share ideas with fellow high school students from around the world. What skills did HSCI help you build or strengthen? HSCI helped me strengthen my music composition, music theory, and ear-training skills. I was also challenged to write music faster than I ever had before, which is something I now find extremely ...

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YMCA Camp Lakewood: Clarence Baker

Clarence Baker spent several years at YMCA Camp Lakewood in the Ozarks and then trained to be a counselor. Why did you choose to go to an overnight camp? When I was 5, my parents wanted to find a safe area for me to be while they went to the gym. So they found out about the YMCA. Even though I was really nervous, the other kids welcomed me and included me. I continued to keep going with my parents because I liked how friendly everyone was to each other. How did you decide which summer camp was right for ...

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Campus Oxford Summer Program: Dorothy Reinhard

Dorothy Reinhard participated in the Oxford Advanced Studies Program of Campus Oxford Summer Program. Why did you choose to participate in a summer program abroad? I was looking for a summer program that would be academic as well as fun and full of new experiences. After visiting England with my family over spring break, I fell in love with Oxford. When I began looking for an academic-based summer program, I remembered how much I enjoyed Oxford and began to look into summer programs there. How did you decide which summer program was right for you? I decided to travel abroad ...

Posted Dec. 11, 2017, 1 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Eastman Immersion Year at University of Rochester: Amber Johnson

Amber Johnson spent her gap year in the Eastman Immersion program at the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. Why did you decide to study vocal music in the Eastman Immersion gap year program for musicians? I knew I wanted a music career, but I wasn’t ready to commit to four years. So I decided to take a year and better prepare for music applications while being in the loop of performing. This program doesn’t feel like a gap year, but a learning experience. At first, I thought one year just couldn’t be enough, but now I ...

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gap Year: Samantha Whitlock

I took the Environmental Sculpture class at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and it was one of the most enlightening art classes I've ever taken. Not only is the SAIC campus an alluring space, but it has some of the best teachers I've ever had. The faculty doesn't just teach you how to create art; they teach you to think like an artist. In this particular course, they also taught us how to collect materials and how to seek inspiration from our surroundings. Of course, you are welcome to use all the amazing visual arts resources they have, ...

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American University Gap Program: Nicole Iannella

Nicole Iannella spent her gap year with the American University Gap Year Program in Washington, D.C. Why did you choose to participate in a gap year program? I chose the American University Gap Program in Washington, D.C., because I still wanted to learn and get some sort of college experience during my year off. I had always been interested in politics, so that’s what initially drew me to this program. I was intrigued by the unique gap-year internship, considering that not many 18- year-olds have the opportunity to intern three days a week in the middle of such a major ...

Posted Dec. 7, 2017, 4:20 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Chaya Ellenbogen Inward Bound Mindfulness Education

Chaya Ellenbogen spent part of the summer with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. Why did you choose to participate in a high school summer program? I think my Mom had suggested it as something I might be interested in and might find helpful. How did you decide which program or camp was right for you? I was looking for some new tools and experiences to help me in my life. The first retreat I went on, I was ready to run for the hills! But I started to get interested in that feeling, and it was the first time I had ...

Posted June 6, 2014, 10:28 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
The Value of a Summer Internship for Teens

High school can be the perfect time for a teenager to intern: teens aren’t presented with too much financial responsibility, have several months off from school, and are eager to get some work experience before college. A summer internship can benefit your teen in both the short and long term. Immediate Benefits In the short term, a summer internship can help your teen further understand his or her goals for college. While most teens are underqualified for professional jobs before college, a summer internship can get them “in” with a company and provide them with professional experience. Not to mention, ...

Posted Jan. 17, 2014, 3:46 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
5 Myths and Truths About Freshman Year of College

Freshman year of college is full of unknowns. Nevertheless, getting accepted into college will be one of the most exciting, rewarding experiences of your life. You deserve a big pat on the back for that one. But in the months after your acceptance letter arrives, the euphoria starts to slip away. You start thinking about all of unknowns of the upcoming year, and you may freak out a little bit. You’ve heard ubiquitous rumors about the ominous freshman year of college, but you have no idea what to really expect. I’m here to straighten out some of the most common ...

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