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Author: Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson is the founder of Brightmont Academy, an accredited private school for students in grades 6-12. Brightmont uses a one-to-one instructional approach, pairing one teacher with one student to customize all aspects of the educational program, and currently has campuses in Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington State. Since 1999, Brightmont Academy has helped nearly 4,000 students achieve success. For more information, call 888-521-0887 or visit www.brightmontacademy.com.

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Our Four Best Tips for Organizing Your Student Without Nagging

Homework is a problem in many families, especially those with high school students who have executive function difficulties and depend upon their parents for help or even to remind them to start a homework assignment. Then, as students get older and want greater independence, homework creates stress as they push back against parental intervention. It can also be a frustrating time for parents, who now have to spend their evenings arguing about homework until both parent and student are exhausted. This also leads to students hearing the message that they’re the problem and seeing homework as a system designed to ...