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Author: Tim Whittum

Tim Whittum is the Director of Freshman Admission at Southern New Hampshire University. He has been with SNHU for seven years, helping to ensure that a high-quality private education is within reach for as many students as possible.

Posted Sept. 28, 2017, 8 a.m. by Tim Whittum | View Comments
The new College of Engineering, Technology, and Aeronautics planned for Southern New Hampshire University.

The landscape of higher education is evolving, and, at Southern New Hampshire University, we’re proud to say that we’re evolving with it. We have embraced the changing marketplace at every turn, and rushed head-on to meet the new challenges it poses. One such challenge has been the growing demand for engineering and other STEM-related programs. As more and more students enter college with the goal of earning high-paying jobs after graduation, the ability to offer a first-rate education to those hoping to enter a wide range of scientific industries is more important than ever. Rising to the Challenge of STEM ...