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Author: Laurie Higgins

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Laurie Higgins is a freelance writer with a focus on food, health, gardening, photography, books, theater, Cape Cod and anything else that captures her interest.

Posted Jan. 22, 2018, 8 a.m. by Laurie Higgins | View Comments
How to Help Keep Your High School Student Safe Overseas

The benefits that high school students get from going overseas on a summer program are endless. It exposes them to people, languages and cultures that are very different from their own, which is increasingly important in a global world. It makes them more self-reliant, and increases confidence and maturity. But the privilege to travel also comes with responsibilities. Experts in the travel field offer the following advice for keeping high school students confident, happy and safe overseas: Pick the right program. Summer high school trips can be expensive but are often the trip of a lifetime, according to Eve Eifler, ...

Posted Oct. 13, 2017, 8 a.m. by Laurie Higgins | View Comments
 5 Reasons to Consider an Academic Pre-college Summer Program

After a busy school year focused on learning, it’s tempting for high school students to want to take a break from academics during the summer months. But it’s good for teenagers to spend at least part of their summers on academics and there are plenty of choices. Colleges across the country offer pre-college summer programs that are both educational and fun. These academic summer camps offer courses and summer activities for teenagers that boost grades and help to impress college admission officers. Here are some more reasons you might consider an academic summer program on a college campus: 1. Spending ...