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Author: Amanda Monfrooe

Amanda Monfrooe is the International Marketing and Recruitment Manager at Norwich University of the Arts. She meets prospective students all over the world to discuss how they can turn their passion into a professional career. Originally from the US, Amanda has lived in the UK since completing her graduate studies in 2009.

Posted April 3, 2017, noon by Amanda Monfrooe | View Comments
At Norwich University of the Arts, students explore technology through new degree programs.

The creative industries encompass a wider range of profitable professional sectors than ever before. Technological innovation, changing consumer habits and the influence of emerging economies have fuelled expansion and diversification within art, design and media. The result is a global job market welcoming specialists and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. But, of course, rapid change brings fresh challenges for both graduates and universities providing creative-degree programs. As a leading UK university, Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) is up to the challenge! NUA is leading graduates into the future. For us, change has been an opportunity to launch three bachelor of ...