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Sophie Borden graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with degrees in Environmental Studies, Spanish, and Writing. She is a Marketing Associate at TeenLife and lives in Boston. She loves traveling, cooking, and dogs, especially her little rescue pup, Lily.

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MomsTEAM youth sports safety summit

Do you ever worry about your teenager’s safety during a sports practice or game? You aren’t being over protective. In fact, you aren’t the only one. If you are in the Boston or Massachusetts area and have children or teenage athletes, you should know about the SmartTeams Play Safe™: Protecting the Health & Safety of the Whole Child In Youth Sports By Implementing Best Practices summit. The summit is being held at Harvard Medical School’s Joseph B. Martin Conference Center on Monday, September 15th, 2014. The cost of the event is $45. MomsTEAM Keeping Youth Athletes Safe The sponsor of ...

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More Sleep During Teen Years Reduces Obesity Risk

Teens are known for staying up all night with their friends, cramming for exams, and watching mind-numbing reality shows. But what impact does teen sleep have on their health in adulthood? Sleep and Obesity Researchers from Columbia University and UNC found that 16-year-olds who sleep six hours or less a night have a 20 percent higher risk of obesity compared to 16-year-olds who sleep more than eight hours each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that teens sleep for over nine hours each night. 10,000 US 16- and 21-year-olds were included in this study, which began in 1995. Researchers collected ...

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driving while using marijuana

Contrary to popular belief, driving after using marijuana is just as dangerous as driving drunk. A recent study (JAMA Pediatrics) of 315 college students from two state universities found that one in five students used pot in the last month, and more than one half of the male students and one third of the female students reported riding in a car with someone who had smoked. Understanding the Risks of Driving High This data, while frightening for parents, doesn’t represent the bad choices many college students take while on drugs. Instead, it represents a lack of understanding of the effects ...

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Amusing Google Searches for Parents and Teens

Are you ever amused, if not horrified, by what auto fills your search bar when you type something into Google? I recently read a blog post that featured Google drop-down search results. The post was a perfect, comedic representation of what people search for on Google, and also how people perceive certain subjects. I was curious about what people searched for relating to teens, parent, and educators. Here are some search results I found. While these search results are, of course, arbitrary and location dependent, it’s entertaining and interesting to see what Google recommended for my searches. Some search suggestions ...

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Are High Schools Students Ready for MOOCs?

MOOCs—shorthand for "massive open online courses"—have quickly gained traction in the world of higher education, and high school administrators are starting to take notice, too. Despite the ominous name, the idea is pretty simple: a MOOC is a free online course with unlimited participants. Anyone with an Internet connection can enroll in courses on everything from engineering to English lit. There are three main MOOC providers, all with ties to elite universities: Coursera.org, edX.org, and Udacity.com. MOOC Growth The buzz surrounding MOOCs started to take off in 2011, when Sebastian Thrun of Stanford University taught an intro-level course on artificial ...

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Sleep Deprivation Rivals Alcohol and Drug Use in Academic Performance

Colleges are very aware of the drug and alcohol problems on their campuses, and allocate funds and resources towards combating these health risks. But what if sleep deprivation could result in the same side effects as binge drinking or marijuana use? Poor Sleep Equal to Binge Drinking, Marijuana Use A small study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveals that poor sleep causes academic disparities—low grades, withdrawal from class, etc.—similar or equal to the side effects of regular marijuana use or binge drinking. Sleep timing and maintenance problems are predictors of academic trouble and are proven to lower students’ ...

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Encourage Your Teens to Spend Their Money Wisely This Summer

Parents should commend their teenagers for getting a summer job or a paid internship. Although they probably aren’t being paid as much as they’d like, working for an hourly wage teaches teens the real value of money. Before spending $20 on a video game, they may just consider how much time it took them to earn that amount—probably two hours or more. Teenagers who earn their own money will certainly understand the old phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees,” in its true context. Plus, you can bet they’ll gain a stronger appreciation for the money you spend on them! To ...

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Summer Learning: New York Times Reading Contest

We all know that summer is one of the only times of the year when teens can relax—they are released from stressful responsibilities including homework, school sports games, and exams. But summer should not be a wasted opportunity to read for pleasure. To help incentivize teens over the last four years, The New York Times created their annual New York Times Summer Reading Contest. How Does the Summer Reading Contest Work? Every Friday from June 13th through August 15th, The NYT posts the same question: "What interested you most in The Times this week?" Anyone 13 to 19 years old ...

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College Graduates’ Expectations Vs. Realities

Every year, Accenture conducts a College Graduate Employment Survey, which examines the expectations of soon-to-be college graduates versus the realities of graduates from the two previous years. It turns out that unfortunately, for many new graduates, their expectations related to education, skills, finding a job, salary, debt, and living arrangements are way too optimistic. Employment Expectations of the Working World—Class of 2014: 85% expect to find employment in their chosen field. 80% expect their first employer to provide a formal training program. 69% expect to find a job in the first 6 months after graduation. Realities of the Working World—Classes ...

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The Key to Living in a Homestay

I was 14 years old the first time I studied abroad. I went to Costa Rica for one month to improve my Spanish, do community service, and live with a family. The next summer, when I was 15, I adventured to Cádiz, Spain for one month. This time, I traveled around the country, went to school, took surfing lessons, and lived with a family. Two years ago, when I was 20, I went to Santiago, Chile for seven months. I was a full-time student at a university, spent weeks traveling the long coast of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. I also ...

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