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Author: Greg Belanger

Gregory Belanger has had a lifelong interest in sailing and maritime history. Over the last decade, he has led numerous initiatives using traditional sailing ships as platforms for innovative education and public diplomacy. These projects include the first transatlantic voyage of the replica slave ship Amistad in 2007-2008. For two years, he served as executive director of Ocean Classrooms, a highly respected Tall Ship education program. In 2015, he helped launch Maine-based Ocean Passages.

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Ocean Passages Gap Year Navigates Seas of Change in Cuba

Historic change is underway in Cuba – and Maine-based Ocean Passages gap year program combines traditional hands-on sailing with a chance to experience this transformation along the island’s spectacular southern coastline. Aboard a 131-foot schooner, you’ll navigate by the stars, snorkel on remote reefs, explore cays and mangroves – and engage directly in the dialogue about a post-embargo Cuba. Ocean Passages gap year voyages seize this moment to explore the causes and effects from the unique perspective of a Tall Ship and with a commitment to responsible stewardship of the marine environment. Ocean Passages offers fall and spring sailing adventures ...