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Author: Gayle Chaky

Gayle Chaky is a College Transitions Coach at Knowledge of the Heart Life Coaching helping students and families transition to college successfully. Before becoming a coach, Gayle spent over 13 years in higher education as an accounting professor. During that time, she not only enjoyed her role as a teacher but also her role as a mentor and advisor to students. She enjoys spending time outdoors and visiting her two sons in college.

Posted Sept. 12, 2016, 9:54 a.m. by Gayle Chaky | View Comments
3 Questions to Answer About College Your Junior Year

As you move through high school, you may be anticipating senior year and the pressure of college applications with excitement and dread. Dread? Yes, too many high school students dread the college admissions process because they really aren’t quite sure why they are going to college in the first place, other than it seems like a good path to take after high school. How can you possibly answer those application questions or write college essays if you don’t even know why you are filling it out? In order to avoid the last-minute panic, take some time during your junior year ...